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Mo Ismail Embarking on a New Venture with MBC for upcoming series "Moawiya"

Ramadan 2023 Bringing a lot of historical series into the spotlight, with MBC’s “Moawiya” taking center stage.

Visually bringing a story alive is the most satisfying process for any creative person. One of the many artists who got involved in the media industry with the utmost passion that was ignited since his childhood is Mo Ismail. He is a well-known Egyptian/American actor. His acting abilities have given him global recognition and roles spanning from Hollywood, Bollywood, and now the Arab World.

Having worked for various productions, especially in the Middle East, with some of the top producers and directors in the region, he has also set his feet in other industries. With his many interactions with the media, he has always reiterated that he loves being around creative and innovative people. He has explored other horizons to hone his talent and grab opportunities that weren’t possible before.

In all 12 years in the entertainment industry, Mo has landed a dream role that may be etched as one of the most challenging roles yet most interesting roles in his filmography. It’s a key antagonist role that Mo Ismail has played in a TV series titled ‘Moawiya.’ This large-scale production is headlined by an MBC Studios house covering a cost of over 1 Billion Egyptian Pounds. The massive production unit that was set up to create this magnum opus to develop and make into a series that consisted of several complex roles for casting.

It was a huge and continual effort to find the right actors for the project and get them to essay the parts they were chosen for, and Mo Ismail found himself in a fortunate place when he was called to be cast in a key role. It was sheer preparation, timing and opportunity to land such a good role that was specifically made on such a scale. This big-budget venture will be the first for Mo in an Arab production, with him playing a key part in the series released in Ramadan.

MBC’s “Moawiya” is a historical tv series that is currently being entirely filmed in Tunisia and to match the aesthetics and geography of of the plotline. The story depicts the birth of Islam in the years 597-680 AD, and the series will cover the times of ‘Al Fitna Al Kobra,’ also known as ‘The Grande Discord.’ This grand setting was put together by the genius director Tarek Al Arian.

“It is an absolute honor to be working with Mr. Al Arian, I have been following his work since the 90’s and it is an extremely humbling experience to be learning and working with the Pioneer himself”

Mo Ismail is promoting his new venture on his social media handles as fans can catch up with all the latest buzz and the new tv series “Mouawiya.” Followers can check out the release dates of the project.

Author: Sarah L.

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